The Steve McQueen starrer Bullitt was a blockbuster movie of its time which featured one of the best car chases ever and stunned the audience. The lead actor drove a souped-up Dark Highland Green Mustang GT 390 Fastback. A newer version of Mustang was introduced in 2001 which had stark resemblances with the iconic McQueen car. The rebuilt version of Bullitt had Tokico shocks and short length subframe connectors with a horsepower capacity of 270-275.

Resurrection of the iconic Bullitt in 2018

After certain rumours about Mustang coming back, 2018 started with an amazing news for all the Mustang fans across the globe. Ford announced an addition to the Mustang lineup. Back in 2017, the first hints of Bullitt’s resurrection came in the show when window stickers were leaked. These stickers contained the Bullitt package along with Green metallic colour of the first car.

Later on, there came a Ford promotional video that had sketches of Bullitt Mustang up on the wall.  In the end of 2017, it was heard that Ford is shooting a commercial for this new car which they declared as a false news.

After all the news going viral, it is expected that Ford is finally going to unveil the new Mustang Bullitt in the Detroit motor show which is something everyone has their eyes set on. Although this is not confirmed we want and wish it is true and expects to see certain specs in it such as a revised Interior setting, the iconic Highland Green hue, an excellent horsepower, rear deck-lid emblem and Bullitt style wheels.


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