U.N : Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif speaks during the Summit for Refugees and Migrants at U.N. headquarters, Monday, Sept. 19, 2016. AP/PTI(AP9_19_2016_000303B)

Former P.M Nawaz Sharif

Attesting before the accountilbily court in the Flagship Investment Reference on Wednesday, The former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif stated that he had been dragged into this dispute by his rivals.

Under section 342 of the Criminal Procedure Code under which the accused person gets the opportunity to share relevant evidence to the court. Or their own side of the story. Where Mr. Nawaz Sharif answered 137 questions out of a total of 141 given to him by the Judge Mohammad Arshad Malik.

Falsely Accused

He responded to a question, stating that he was falsely accused. And all these allegations are a propaganda of his rivals. He stated that Wajid Zia-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT) and investigation officer of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had wrongly put forward him in this case.

The Judge addressed Mr. Sharif by saying that while he was the PM, he was too busy to have oversight the business of his children. To which Nawaz said that, his children are not dependent on him and entirely independent.

He said that his son, Hassan Nawaz, was running a business of sale and purchase of property through different companies

Nawaz stated that since he had never been associated with any of the businesses of his children, he did not rely upon the letter of the Qatari prince in defense.

He said that the Joint Investigation Team were dishonest. And they did not record Al-Thani’s statement since the Qatari prince confirmed the stance of the Sharif family with regard to the money trail.

Furthermore, Mr. Sharif also questioned the liability of the JIT’s requests seeking legal assistance from the UAE. And said that it was not acceptable evidence as per the law of evidence.

The proceedings will be on Thursday.

Khawaja Haris, the counsel for Mr. Sharif, assured the judge that his client would complete his testimony on Thursday. And then he would continue final arguments in the Al-Azizia reference.

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