Runners and usually beginners often worry about running a perfect stride. Let me tell you, your stride doesn’t matter at all.

Scientists took on 33 runners, both experienced and beginners to do a 20-minute treadmill run. All the 33 runners ran 5 different strides by wearing masks so the scientist could detect their oxygen consumption. And to our surprise, it was revealed that the body used oxygen most effectively when the runners were running naturally.

The study was published in International Journal of Exercise Science by renown professors and scientists of Brigham Young University.

There were 19 participants who run 20 miles per week and there were also some runners who run 5 miles a week. Scientists used metronome that beeps t tell you that you should start running. Among the 33 participants, there were 8% or 16% faster and slower strides and some were natural.

The sole focus wasn’t how fast or slow a person can run, the objective was just to identify the right time when the body is consuming oxygen in an efficient way. And now you know the right pace is the one when you run NATURALLY!

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