The News Corp Executive Chairman, Rupert Murdoch, has come up with a suggestion for Facebook and Google which can let them reacquire user trust. That is, paying the publishers. On Monday, the media mogul released a statement asking Facebook to start paying the trusted publishers as a carriage fee. Similar to the model used by cable companies.

He took to an online platform to say this. Murdoch wrote, ‘If Facebook wants to recognize the trusted publishers then it should pay those publishers a carriage fee similar to the model adopted by cable companies’

He said that these sites have popularized ‘scurrilous’ news which are profitable yet inherently unreliable.

He further stated that this initiative is going to have a very minimal impact on the profits of Facebook but the impact it is going to have on the prospects for publishers and the journalists is going to be immense.

This statement came after the announcement of CEO of social media giant, Facebook that they are going to fight against sensationalism by ranking the news sources according to the scores given by the users to increase the trustworthiness and stop the prevailing of fake news.

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