The recently launched reinvented version of Nokia 3310 is one of the most discussed phones of this year.  A Russian Mobile phone customizer company, Caviar, provides an even more unique look to the legendary feature phone. The ‘Putin-Trump Summit’ edition of the revamped Nokia 3310, which has been created in regard to the meeting between the president of the US and Russia at G20 international forum. The edition comes with all the standard features offered by the regular variant. However, the luxurious leather casing with Black velvet stripes is one of the few things that creates the difference.

The tempered titanium casing of VT-23 grade having damask steel pattern coating is accompanied by the gold-plated portraits on the backside of the phone. Caviar says that the emblem shows both Donald Trump and Putin looking in the same direction, which shows the common desire for progress in Russian-American relations from both the world leaders.

The phone will cost you $2,468. however, the high price tag is a bit disappointing for the fans who wished to purchase this limited edition unique 3310. Some people heavily criticised the price tag saying that purchasing the phone will be the worst way to spend $2500.



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