The truck leasing and rental company in the United States, Ryder is fulfilling the promise of becoming the exclusive sales and lease partner for Chanje (pronounced change) that it had made back in August.

Ryder has ordered 125 all-electric delivery vans from Chanje – a Los Angeles based startup which sells the same electric vans in China, under the name of Changjiang.

The vans have a capacity to take 6000 pounds luggage and they are about 26.5 feet long. The Chanje electric vans have a total weight of around 10,000 pounds.

Charje’s trucks have a battery of 70kWh which give them the estimated range of nearly 100 miles. Although, Ryder is working to install level 2 charging stations near Ryder centres.

The company will be renting Chanje’s electric vans in New York, California, and Illinois. However, it hasn’t revealed how much renting its trucks would cost.

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