Salman Iqbal leaves PTI as Amir Liaquat Joins the Party

Salman Ahmad, one of the pioneer singers from the pop music industry in Pakistan, has announced to break up with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf reason being the joining of Amir Liaquat in Imran Khan’s PTI.

Salman Iqbal leaves PTI as Amir Liaquat Joins the Party

Amir Liaquat who joined the party few days ago, is a highly controversial figure. He has widely been criticized for fake allegations and his role as a hate monger. And for many other reasons, many supporters of PTI did not welcome this decision of Imran Khan and party leadership. They believe that people like Amir Liaquat should not be allowed to be a part of the party.

Salman Ahmad was one of the many Pakistani singers who showed immense support for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. In March 2013, Vital Signs released an anthem for the party in which late Junaid Jamshed had a cameo appearance.

But, it seems like this love story has unfortunately ended. Salman Ahmad took on to the Twitter app to express his feelings about the joining of Amir Liaquat into the party.

Initially, he wasn’t sure about the news. But, in his first tweet, he called Amir Liquat an obnoxious and a bigoted TV poser and questioned what role could he play for Imran Khan.

Seems like this tweet also directs at the top leadership of PTI. It seemed more like as if his dreams of ‘Naya Pakistan’ were shattered.

The Sufi Singer had a little hope left in Imran Khan. In the same tweet, he called Amir Liaquat a hypocrite.

He stood firm on his stance.

And in the end, he gave up! He said he could no more defend or support Imran Khan as he has opened a way for reptiles to get into the party.


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