Samsung seems to have fired some serious shots at its arch-rival, Apple Inc with a recent advertisement. While the world is going gaga over the recently launched iPhone X, Apple’s first-ever bezel-less device that also boasts of features like Face ID, Super-Retina display, and wireless charging, Samsung has reiterated why the South Korean giant is still a step ahead of Apple when it comes to smartphones. The ad features a timeline of both the companies’ smartphones since 2007, displaying the various features as and when the companies brought them into their smartphones. As it is very well known, Samsung has almost always been ahead in bringing a new technology to its devices, be it the curved edge OLED display or the waterproof capabilities. The recent Samsung advertisement plays on the same USP of Samsung.

What is even more surprising is how boldly the Samsung advertisement has been directed towards Apple. So much so, that it features more iPhones through the course of history than Samsung’s own devices. It starts with 2007 when the first iPhone was unveiled by Apple. Towards 2010, the ad focuses on how the limited memory in iPhones (4 and 4S) has been a major problem faced by many iPhone users. The 2013 successor, the iPhone 5S has then been compared to the Galaxy Note 3, based on the huge difference between their display sizes. 2015 and 2016 editions of Samsung mark the introduction of waterproof capabilities and mock the iPhones for missing out on the same. The 2017 Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S8 Plus, then boasts of wireless charging, which Apple has only just introduced in the latest iPhone X. The advertisement finally concludes with the protagonist shifting on to Samsung devices from iPhones.

With this ad, Samsung has been as direct in mocking Apple as it can be. With this kind of targeted mockery, will Apple respond in a similar fashion or will the Cupertino giant behave in a gentlemanly manner and let it go. Let us wait and see how the war between the giants unfolds.

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