The smartphone battle seems never to end. Apple, with the recent unveiling of the Apple’s most advanced handset, the iPhone X, has outgunned the best of its competitors in terms of raw processing power. Samsung seems to be striving to close the gaps with its next flagship: Galaxy S9, which is expected to be launched sometime earlier next year.

The Galaxy S9 will be the latest from the Samsung’s S-series, and the rumours circling about the device are pretty appealing. Design-wise, there is a chance that the Galaxy S9 will follow its predecessor, the Galaxy S8, with a few modifications.

The S8 sported extremely slim bezels on the top and bottom of the phone, but such a design was overtaken by Apple with the iPhone X, which sported no bezels at all but a notch at the top of the handset. As per Trusted Reviews reports, leaks and rumours have suggested that the upcoming Galaxy S9 would possibly follow Apple’s example.

Another fascinating rumour about the Galaxy S9 that has developed lately indicated towards a modular design. Modules have long been explored as a unique idea by smartphone makers, to very little success. Motorola has already done it in the past, LG has tried it, and Essential has launched a handset that followed the same thing.

The modular design for the upcoming flagship from the company is rumoured to have magnets that let each addition to attach to the phone. If these rumours will be a reality, the flagship might very well be the first modular smartphone to become a big hit.The Galaxy S9 is expected to be equipped with a lot of processing firepower, in order to beat, or at least match, the A11 Bionic chip that Apple has unveiled with the iPhone X.

The Galaxy S9 is expected to be equipped with a lot of processing power to at least match the A11 Bionic chip that Apple has launched recently. With this in mind, speculations are high that the Samsung Galaxy S9 would include a Snapdragon 845 SoC, a 7nm processor that is rumoured to be designed by Qualcomm in collaboration with Samsung, as stated by a TechRadar report.

Other significant features that are rumoured for the upcoming Galaxy S9 include yet another rear fingerprint sensor, up to 6GB of RAM, a dual-camera configuration, Android Oreo, and other features such as facial recognition and wireless charging. Due to its next-generation chip, the Galaxy S9 is also expected to be equipped with the ability to support download speeds of up to 1.2Gbps.

The Galaxy S9 is expected to be launched sometime in late February 2018, or early March 2018.

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