SAMSUNG’S new Note 8 looks set to be revealed in the fall and, if these latest leaks are true, it could have two big new features that were not included in the Galaxy S8.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to feature a dual camera.

Just months after the new Galaxy S8 was launched, it seems Samsung is preparing itself for the launch of their next flagship device.Rumors have been hinting at the fact that he all-new new Galaxy Note 8 could come out in the markets within months, the release being as early as this fall.

According to tech website Galaxy Club, the new Note is currently being tested using Android 7.1.1. operating system.

This implies that Samsung is planning to release the device without Google’s new Android O installed.

Android O looks set to be released on Google’s own-brand devices in September which could mean Samsung will release the Note 7 sometime in late August.

Not much is  known about the Note 8 as of now, but a new leak could have revealed two big new features coming to Samsung’s next flagship.

Images tweeted by PoyocoTech show the Note 8 with a dual rear camera – something that didn’t appear on the S8.Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus has been acclaimed for its dual rear camera, and it looks like Samsung could be trying to take on its arch enemy with an identical camera setup on the Note 8.

Along with the dual camera the leaked image, which has not been verified, shows a rear panel without a fingerprint scanner.

This could indicate that Samsung is embedding the fingerprint scanner underneath the display on the Note 8.

Samsung moved this popular scanner to the rear of the S8 and it’s one of biggest attractions of this new device.


The Note 8 may also feature a very similar curved display to the Galaxy S8 which would cover almost the entire front of the phone.Image result for samsung galaxy note 8

At 6.4-inches, this display looks set to be one of the biggest to date and will include QHD+ Infinity technology.


The device is also expected to include 128GB of memory, a 4,000mAh battery with fast charging, and stereo speakers that will be tuned by AKG, something already included in Samsung’s recent tablet.

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