Social media finally got a glimpse of the much-hyped Samsung Galaxy S9, flaunting its new advanced features. Lately, the smartphone market has not witnessed much improvement with only one percent of meager growth.

image source: YouTube

This makes it even more necessary for the mobile makers to launch something irresistible, which could force the people to buy new phones and boast the sales. The situation entirely goes in favor of Samsung.

Samsung became the instant attraction for the reporters at the mobile gadget fair in Barcelona, when it revealed its latest sensation, Samsung Galaxy S9. The improved features of Samsung Galaxy S9 include cameras, an artificial intelligence-powered voice tool, and social media functions.

The camera has an amazing super- slow motion features which will definitely excite the tech freaks. Analyst Ben Wood from CCS Insight said,

“The S9 underlines the dilemma all leading smartphone makers are facing. Innovation in smartphones has plateaued and now it is all about marginal gains be that screen technology, camera features, and processing power”

Seems like a good start for the Samsung Galaxy S9!

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