Graphene is a material that is a part of many interesting future projects from purifying seawater to detecting cancer, but this time, Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology has come with another unique use: putting it into lithium-ion batteries. Experts developed a “graphene ball” covering to use inside a regular lithium-ion cell, which has the capability of increasing the overall capacity by up to 45 percent and speeding up charging by five times.

Will, every smartphone owner can relate to the pain of waiting for the battery to charge up, specifically when it’s important, and though we have the effective tech available on the tech, the recharge times are less than an hour. If a graphene ball can really speed things up in the manner suggested by the research team, that will all change.

If your smartphone recharges in 90 minutes, it will drop down to just 18 minutes if the cell has been given a graphene ball boost. Moreover, this won’t affect the cell’s life, with the researchers claiming that after 500 cycles, the enhanced battery still had a 78 percent charge retention.

It’s certain that the idea is in its early stages of development, and probably won’t be a major feature in the upcoming devices next year, but it would certainly be a part of Samsung future devices.

Li-ion batteries are not only limited to our mobile phones, but they are also a part of electric vehicles, where fast charging is important.  The tech giant says it’s likely that the graphene ball tech can have a much broader spectrum. The company has filed patents in the United States and South Korea for graphene ball technology, but there is no indication when or if it will see the daylight.


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