When the Korean tech giant Samsung released its Galaxy S8 earlier this year, the company also announced an accessory that turns your smartphone into an Android desktop: DeX station.

Dex dock might not be a perfect solution, but the tech giant is thinking something big: it is planning to introduce a different DeX accessory for its upcoming flagship next year, according to a rumour.

According to GalaxyClub, Samsung’s device will be called the DeX Pad, and as the name indicates, the device is expected to be different from the existing one.

The DeX Pad will eliminate the need for keyboards and mice because, with the help of it, you’ll be able to place your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ flat on the desk and use the display as a mouse pad or a keyboard.

It’s still not cleared how the dock will connect to the Galaxy S9. Whether it’ll be through a wired connection via USB-C or something else.

Though it’s still not known when the company will officially launch the phone, however, a recent report says that the dock will be launched with the Galaxy S9.

It’s also unclear whether the new dock will be compatible with this year’s flagships. We’ll just have to wait and see.



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