Samsung Launches New Laptops for 'Everyday Premium’ Computing

With the introduction of budget friendly laptops flowing into the market and technology news taking a roll on a daily basis, Samsung found this opportunity to launch new notebooks, namely Notebook 5 and Notebook 3. These newly launched notebooks have now been added alongside Samsung’s other mid-ranged Windows 10 laptops in the company’s portfolio.

Our Take on Performance

These notebooks might not be the best for breaking any records in terms of performance, but according to the company, they’re perfect for everyday computing and casual gaming. This is great tech news for college going students or freelancing beginners who want something to experiment and get started with.

Options available for You!

You can choose from different options comprising of Notebook 3 with a 14-inch or 15.6-inch screen, while the Notebook 5 sticks with just a 15.6-inch screen. That’s with a 720p resolution on the small display and a 1080p on the larger one, which is not so bad.

While we’re talking about options, you also get to choose from 7th and 8th Intel processors, ranging up to Core i7. This means that you can get some advanced job done from these laptops.

Design and much more!

When we talk about its features, Samsung has gone for a simple yet stylish approach which is not a surprise. This type of approach is familiar in all Samsung’s designs hence, design-wise these notebooks are a no-brainer.

We get a full sized keyboard in all the notebooks with a complete number pad. This is why these laptops are ideal for people who play with a lot of spreadsheets or type lengthy documents.

Final Verdict

However, these notebooks might be slightly disappointing in terms of screen resolution if you are big on that feature. But if the lack of high resolution doesn’t bother you, then it’s all good in the hood for you!


In terms of availability of colors, the Notebook 3 comes in Misty Gray, Night Charcoal, Deep Peach, or Pure White, while the Notebook 5 is only available in Light Titan. On the other hand, there are still no updates on the price points from the company yet so we’re going to have to wait on that one in order to compare the notebooks with other affordable laptops of 2018.


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