We all know that Apple launches iPhone with at least one signature feature every time. In many cases, that hardware and/or software feature is not yet available on any of the competing devices. The latest iPhone X has two such features. While both of them are somewhat available on Android models already, one of them is far beyond something anyone has seen before.  A new report suggests that Samsung’s upcoming new Galaxy S9 could be the first Android flagship phone to copy the iPhone X’s best feature. Obviously.

Well, the latest report suggests that Samsung’s upcoming new Galaxy S9 could be the first Android flagship phone to include the iPhone X’s best feature.

The iPhone X sports an all-screen design that’s not common in the industry yet. The other signature feature is the TrueDepth camera that lets the 3D facial recognition feature called Face ID. That’s also something we haven’t seen yet on Android handsets.

No wonder Samsung takes the lead in the mobile business. No doubt, Samsung introduced the all-screen design in the Galaxy S8 before the iPhone X was even announced. But the all-screen iPhone has been in development for years, and Samsung Display is a fundamental partner. It might be possible that Samsung has known for years that an all-screen iPhone was the model for 2017 since Samsung display is the sole supplier of the iPhone X’s OLED screens.

But that doesn’t mean the Galaxy S9 will certainly copy the iPhone X’s notch design for its upcoming handset. What the company might do, according to a tipster, with a solid track record, is copy the actual contents of the notch.

According to Ice Universe, the Galaxy S9 will sport a “3D sensor front camera,” which would fundamentally be Samsung’s version of a TrueDepth camera and sensor array.

There is a long way to go until the official release of the Galaxy S9, so we’ll definitely learn more about Samsung’s Face ID features in the near future. But if this rumour is correct, it’ll be interesting to see how Samsung plans to make it happen. Manufacturing TrueDepth cameras is a significant feature for iPhone X production. So if it’s a problem for Apple, it might be a problem for Samsung as well.


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