The Korean giant, Samsung’s next-generation Chromebook is likely to sport a tablet design with a detachable keyboard. The report is according to Chromium Repository. The latest entries indicate the presence of a stylus with a detachable keyboard.

In November, references to a Chromebook codenamed “Nautilus” appeared in the Chromium Repository. Existing information suggests a “tablet mode” and a “base” component that it can connect to. The latter appears to be a keyboard where the screen can be detached for various purposes.

Given the latest improvements, Chrome OS on a touch-only tablet would certainly prove to offer a better experience than other Android tablets on the market.

Meanwhile, if the Korean tech giant is the manufacturer, a stylus with the device is not a surprising thing at all given the presence in the existing Chromebook Plus/Pro.

The entry spotted by Chrome Unboxed (via Android Central) also notes the presence of a place to store the stylus, with removal launching Chrome’s “stylus tools” menu.

Nautilus has a PEN_EJECT signal that is routed to 2 CPU GPIO pins:

B19: We need an input driver to use this to emit SW_PEN_INSERTED event. (This patch enables the B19 usecase). B21: This is used for wakeup (configured by ACPI)

Kevin uses gpio-keys driver to do this but the driver only understands device trees or platform data. Hence we instantiate the gpio-keys with the platform data.

BUG=b:71329519 TEST=Verify that the “stylus tools” menu gets launched when I eject the pen on nautilus.

We expect the stylus included with Nautilus will have access to the same tools as the Pixelbook Pen, namely searching with the Google Assistant.

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