We all are aware of the failure Samsung had to face regarding their Note 7 batteries. And this time, at the launch of Galaxy Note 8, the company has somehow managed to compensate the loss of Galaxy Note 7 owners.

Samsung is offering a discount to Galaxy Note 7 owners on Note 8. Samsung announced today at an event that former Note 7 owners can trade in their current phone for a value of up to $425 on the Note 8. Eligible customers can take the offer via Samsung.com when pre orders go live on August 24th.

The company had to recall around three million phones, which had a huge impact on company’s reputation. Afterwards, things just got better. Galaxy Note 7s sent out as a replacement also overheated and exploded. The recall cost Samsung $5 billion already, so the steep discounts will only add to the bill. However, it’s obvious that Samsung wants to make up for the failure and continues to come up with effective strategies to retain customers from switching away from the Galaxy Note line. 

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