If other Chinese phone brands are innovating, how can Samsung stay behind? The reports are, Samsung is leaving all the notch trends behind. They are currently working on their display, to which they are modifying into sound emitting OLED Displays.

All the giants are competing over the big screen of the phone. But what Samsung is doing, might overtake all others. Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is due in 2019 in Las Vegas and Samsung is working hard for it.

This Korean giant in the smartphones category is showing extraordinary in all the products they offer. Samsung will be announcing this feature for not only the phone but for their TVs as well. Recently they have made an announcement of their 4K TVs and now the target is set for phones.

A Sound-Emitting Display?

The OLED display we are mentioning is a screen which will entirely turn into a sound producing device. This will help Samsung to get rid of speaker’s grill, which will result in the larger size of the screen. And will enhance the beauty of the set.

Furthermore, the news says, Samsung’s competitor, LG is also playing with the same technology on its devices. With this, a trend war can start between these smartphones’ companies and the consumers are desperately waiting for more of such designs.

The name of the feature will be SoD (Sound On Display) that itself is defining the technology. Just thought of this feature in Galaxy series is making an impact, the actual implementation will be a huge success for Samsung. Furthermore, it will give opportunities to other companies, with which the trend will become common.

The exact news of releasing this feature is yet not clear, neither the time is confirmed for its launch. Still, the hopes are everywhere that Samsung introduces this sound-emitting OLED with SoD feature in S10, in its upcoming release.

Lastly, apart from hopes, CES will confirm the actual news for which we all are waiting.

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