Samsung: EDMTunes

The Samsung S9 and S9+ are going to be revealed to the World in a matter of weeks. The phone, which will be shown to the public at Mobile World Congress, has a vastly different price tag than any of its ancestors with reports claiming that this will be the most expensive Galaxy phone to date!

ETNews, a local Korean site, which is the home country of Samsung, reported that the S9 may cost around $875 to $925. On the other hand, Techradar states that the newest addition by Samsung to their Galaxy phones will be a whopping $800-850. That is $100 more than the starting price of their previous model, the S8!

Credits: WCCFtech

This gradual increase in prices of smartphones has been observed, especially, in signature flagship phones. Each new model heavily surpasses its predecessor’s price, resulting in prices reaching unseen heights, the greatest example of which is the $1000+ iPhone X.

Will Samsung be able to pull it off though? The phone is only a year newer than its previous incarnation, which means that the updates are nominal at best, so will smartphone enthusiasts or loyal fans actually be interested in purchasing the S9?

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