Samsung has recently confirmed the rumor about their surprising look. The 10th anniversary for Samsung Galaxy will turn out worth waiting in the shape of S10. A new leak revealed that it will be a launch of two different smartphones’ models, both with amazing features. One will be the famous S10 and other, the Galaxy F.

A Dutch site, which has a good previous record of leaking authentic news is on the show this time. According to the site, Samsung will come up with Galaxy S10 with 5G support and Galaxy F. Galaxy F is most probably the name of the set as it will be featured with screen-folding ability.

The Massive Battery!

The battery size is revealed to be huge. Galaxy S10 is reportedly going to have an enormous 5,000 mAh battery. While, the Galaxy F is having two part numbers, EB-BF900ABA and EB-BF901ABA. These parts combine to form 6,200 mAh of battery capacity. Samsung is currently working excessively on their batteries, as observed in all new sets.

All those Samsung Galaxy fans anxiously waiting for the upcoming release will make them love this 10th-anniversary release. People do look over the features, which these phones have distinctively amazing. And they go for the lifetime of a phone, the supported battery life a phone offers matter a lot for the users. Especially in this era of excessive use of smartphones.

The only drawback or not-so-attractive-point for the fans will be the price Samsung is offering. The prices are set according to the surprises coming along with Galaxy S10 and Galaxy F. This might stand as a barrier for the sales or maybe not. Maybe the features will be enough justifiable that people will know the worth of these phones. And Galaxy F, the foldable technology, will be the most expensive one among all of the previous sets. Because obviously, that is different from all the previous sets.

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