Samsung’s TVs which will be launched in 2019 will be replacing the company’s Bixby voice assistant with Google Assistant. Samsung is behind the competition due to which they are now working on it. The flourishment of this feature is not defined clearly. But it will be similar to that of LG TVs and expectations are that it will adapt the sound itself according to the room the TV is placed in.  

What will be different?

The Assistant will give access to control the TV’s volume or other related functions. Moreover, the devices which are compatible with Google Assistant and users will be able to ask topics like current time, day, temperature and other general information. The access procedure may include TV’s internal microphone or the regular external microphone.

Samsung’s main target was to feature all of its products including phones, TVs, appliances and other products with its own Bixby Assistant. They are trying to compete with other giants including Google and Amazon. However, the feature Samsung owns is not competitive enough with the other competitors as it has not accessed for third-party users at all.

Samsung will have the same sound adaptation which Google Assistant provides. Samsung signed a patent for different audio specifications. Another major competitor, Apple’s HomePod and Sonos’ speakers are already serving with such exclusive audio systems.

There is no official announcement in the market up till now. But most probably it will be announced by the start of 2019 which is right around the corner.

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