The South-Korean tech giant, Samsung unveiled Flip at the CES, a 55-inch digital whiteboard that is able to flip between portrait and horizontal orientations. It’s specifically created for meeting rooms and comes with a height-adjusted stand that can be carried around offices easily. The company hasn’t revealed anything about its operating system or software, but it seems like Samsung will support note-taking, photos, and other collaborative functionalities on its 4K display.

The Flip also features wireless connectivity, USB, PC, and mobile ports. People are also able to share the contents of the screen itself to other PCs, and up to four people can also draw on the screen with a stylus or even their fingers.

The tech giant is certainly trying to take over Microsoft’s Surface Hub or Google’s Jamboard. Both the rivals have large 55-inch whiteboard displays that are also designed particularly for business purposes. Google and Microsoft both have their software systems and ecosystem services to attract big enterprises to adopt them, but here, Samsung lacks that major element. Samsung will make its Flip release to businesses later this month but hasn’t given any details on pricing and exact availability.

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