Samsung is moving way too ahead of other companies. While others are busy in launching foldable phones to make the display look bigger, Samsung is working differently. The alternative way phone’s enlargement is now under the domain of Samsung. They are working on magnetic locks. The plan is to attach two handsets together in a tablet-style display. With this, the phone will look bigger as it will cover the size of two.

The rumors are spreading that this feature might be introduced in Galaxy Note 10. With this Samsung might be planning to differentiate their Note series with S series. But since it’s a rumor, nothing can be sure about the model.

A site, LetsGoDigital revealed that Samsung will be able to fix edges of two phones together to get a perfect result. The phones will be able to rotate around the axis, with the help of the magnets. With this, the users can experience a bigger screen.


Samsung is recently working on their foldable phones, similar to what the whole market is working on. This feature has nothing to do with the recent Galaxy X project.

The design predicted shows that the hinge between the two phones will remain the same. Which gave a hint that they can be used separately as well.

What’s Smart behind a Magnetic Phone?

Another smart idea behind these magnetic phones can be that they could be used in an opposite direction. This use can be for taking a perfect selfie, or a two-way camera which can combine a picture in a different way. Furthermore, it could be used to enhance the display size or the keyboard size of the phone, depending on the user.

But since these are just the rumors, we can’t completely rely on the news. Samsung is thinking about the model but introducing them or not introducing them is the real game. This will be cleared once the news gets confirm. So let’s just hold back and keep wondering what other benefits this feature might give.

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