Samsung is now announcing some superior-leveled innovations for its two major 4K TVs including The Frame & Serif. These are not only televisions but are a complete package of lifestyle which was just a wish till now. The purpose is to give households a look which differentiates them from all others. It does not just provide good picture quality but focuses on the attractive interior of the house. And that can’t remain unnoticed.

The Frame is more like a Frame!

As the name reflects, the frame is the ultimate look which fits more into the wall. The upgraded version has a quantum dot display technology to give much wider and perfect HDR color palette. It is specifically targeting the people who emphasize exquisitely on the decorations and wants an optimum look of the Television even when it’s switched off. The frame enhances the look of the wall with its increased display size and features. The 49 inches size and feature of adaptation as per the room lightning through its Art Mode marks it unique. This mode further provides a vast range of themes gathered from different resources and museums all over the world.

Samsung is very confident about innovations. The Frame possesses a long list of people who put style and decor over anything and the ‘oh-so-perfect’ piece for them is being introduced by Samsung because of such consumers.

The Frame keeps the TV separate from all the wires and leads. Samsung One Connect Box supports all the connectivity ports within.

A TV That Looks Like A Modern Furniture!

The Serif resides even at a further innovative level than The Frame in terms of design. It doesn’t even give a hint of being a TV. It’s more like a piece of modern furniture which gives a space for shelf purpose and a piece of fabric covers all the ports area. With this, it hides the only thing that can make it looks unfashioned.

It will come up with different display sizes, including 43 inches, 49 inches, and 55 inches and each one possesses a different charm, accompanied by Samsung QLED Tech.

The actual launch of these two sets are still lined up and staying tuned to Samsung’s upgrades will make this picture clearer than ever.


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