Samsung has been giving clues about a new phone for quite some time now and they have unveiled it for the first time on Nov 7, 2018. And it is something utterly divergent!

The new phone was not entirely revealed as the lights were dimmed so that the elements of the phone can be protected.  A device was showed which was in the shape of a tablet, you can simply use it and fold it. It will then form a candy-bar like shape so that it can fit inside your pocket.  The device includes a cover display that acts as a phone and a main 7.3-inch tablet display. Up to three apps will be able to run simultaneously, using something Samsung calls multi-active window.

Latest Invention

This candy-bar like, the foldable phone is the latest invention of Samsung. And it is something exceptional and unique for sure. We have seen flip phones, but a foldable phone is something different.

But Samsung now has a tough competition as many other leading brands are developing a foldable phone as well.

Worth it?

Samsung has not yet stated the time period of when this device will actually be launched in the market but whenever it will be, it will raise a lot of questions such as:

How will such a thick phone fit inside a pocket?

Is this device practical?

Can this product be more exciting and unique?

Phones are now becoming thinner and thinner, to consume less space, would anyone buy such a thick, candy-bar like phone?

This new phone is the talk of the town right now. Only time will tell if this “foldable phone” is actually worth it or not.



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