The Korean tech giant, Samsung has introduced an ‘Avant Edition’ version of the Galaxy Note 8. The special variant was developed in partnership with a Korean artist, 99 Avant, who designed a collection of unique icons and wallpapers, as well as a special soft-touch case, to introduce alongside the variant.

The Avant Edition is nearly identical to the regular Galaxy Note 8, but it comes with 256GB of expandable internal storage. What’s strange is that the special edition doesn’t have any showy paint job; it’s basically a standard Galaxy Note 8 with a smarter theme and attractive protective cover, and such a unit costs $870 extra than the regular one.


The company is demanding almost double the amount of the entry-level Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X. It’s even more costly than the LG V30 Signature Edition.

It seems like the Korean tech giant has no plans of introducing the Avant Edition outside of its home country, and that might be a good idea because there don’t seem to have much demand for the costly variant.


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