Samsung’s New Smart Fridge

Samsung has been the most famed and acknowledged company as they inevitably find ways to be unique. Moreover, they have gone the extra mile as usual and invented a smart fridge which is more proactive than regular fridges.

SmartThings App

The company says it will troubleshoot issues and notify you via the SmartThings app. The new Samsung Family Hub 4.0 refrigerator will give you a smoother interface to use that builds on previous generations’ app improvements. You can still head to the grocery store and check if your fridge has milk, just like before. But now, the fridge can also let you know if you’ve left the door open.

Samsung’s vision is that they want to convert the fridge into an “intelligent home assistant” instead of a simple, mediocre home appliance.

More Features

This smart fridge has the feature, namely, Personalized Family Board. It will let users add and also, customize their activities and interests. Furthermore, Samsung has also redesigned the home screen of the fridge’s display. It will be more functional and it will make it easier for the user to operate it.

Samsung is also launching a brand new smart front load washer that connects to the Wi-Fi. It also contains a super spend mode.

The pricing is not yet announced of the fridge and the washer. But they will be publicized soon.



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