Friday, October 18, 2019
Samsung’s upcoming detachable device might sport a high-end camera

Samsung’s upcoming detachable device might sport a high-end camera


Samsung’s Chromebooks haven’t always been a success, but it seems to shake things up when necessary. As we posted earlier about Chrome Unboxed discovery regarding the code references confirming the existence of “Nautilus,” a detachable Chrome OS tablet. And apparently, it doesn’t seem to be just a Google-powered Galaxy Book. While Nautilus appeared to use a 7th-generation Intel Core chip like its Windows equivalent, the code also points to the presence of the Sone IMX258 camera used in LG G6.

There are no other indications, though the detachable design suggests the device will likely sport a 12-inch or smaller screen. Samsung might uncover Nautilus at CES later in January, but there are no official statements regarding it. The most important question is the price. The use of Intel chips indicates that this won’t be an entry-level device, but it’s uncertain whether the device will compete with high-end devices or go for a lower price point. Well, the device seems to be an interesting one, but we have to wait little more to find out what actually Samsung has got for us.


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