Saudi Arabia is all set for its first official appearance at France’s Cannes film festival, endorsing a selection of short films in the prestigious competition which is expected to open next month, said by the Saudi culture minister.

Saudi Arabia seeks French help for music, opera, and cinema:
Saudi Arabia will be assisted by the French expertise to set up a national opera and orchestra under a pact signed today that highlighted the modernizing agenda of the Saudi Prince as he flew for his official trip to Paris.

The Paris opera company is going to help the ultra-conservative Islamic nation produce its own classical music and shows. The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s describes his desire to change the image of his homeland. He has already lifted the ban on women driving, reopened cinemas for the first time in three decades and new mixed-gender concerts despite opposition from religious policymakers.

It was revealed this Monday that Kingdom would enter short films at the Cannes cinema festival for the first time and send an official delegation to attend the celebration of silver-screen art on the Riviera in May.

French Culture Minister Francoise Nyssen told she had also discussed the importance of translating books in both directions, from Arab into French and French into Arab, with her counterpart.

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed, known widely by his initials MBS, met President Emmanuel Macron at Paris’s historic Louvre museum on Sunday night after flying in on his first trip to France as the heir to the Saudi throne.

Let’s see what Saudi Arabia has got to contribute to our online movies collection and music albums.

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