Germany knocked out of  Fifa World Cup 2018 by an unexpected defeat at the hands of South Koreans in a group match. Many have not taken it well and have shown their despair on social media. Marion Pfennigs- Youth Ambassador of German Embassy, Islamabad exclaimed ” At least I live in the country that produces footballs for the finals”
The sports broadcaster Gary Linekar poked fun at the losing German team by posting on twitter “Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans no longer always win. The previous version is confined to history.”

Germany won in 2014 world cup defeating Argentina. This time it was considered as one of the most favorable countries in the final stages of World Cup but hopes were shattered nonetheless. The German giants also lost to Mexico in the group matches which lead to all the sports realists figure out Germany’s future in this World Cup.

However, there was the realization of team weakness in strategy as on Home Bayern Twitter handle Manuel Neuer said: “We lacked commitment. Even if we would’ve gone through, in the next round or the round afterwards we would’ve been knocked out. We deserved to be eliminated. We didn’t convince in any game. This was not the #GER we all know. It was pathetic.” #KORGER

With Germany out of sight, and the unexpected winners going ahead, this World Cup would either be boring or could turn out to be the most entertaining one. We can only wait and watch with fingers crossed. May the best team win.

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