Hello, sci-fi and tech junkies. Ever wondered where these lethal mind-boggling inventions like flying drones, abnormally giant vegetables, and rockets came from?


Scroll down to know where this awesomeness is coming from while you download your next sci-fi movie pick on the other tab.

Atomic Power – The World Set Free

Physicist Leo Szilard read a book in 1932, which inspired him to solve the problem of creating a nuclear chain reaction—in 1933. The legendary book was a novel published by H.G. Wells in 1914 named, ‘The World Set Free’ introducing the concept of artificial atomic energy followed by a devastating world war.

Hoverboard – Back to the Future Skating Board

The cool hoverboards that everybody just can’t get over with these days, are actually inspired by Marty McFly’s hovering skateboard. These are the new cool of 2018!

Exoskeleton – Ironman Suit

Remember the first suit tony stark builds in caves of Afghanistan? Here is what came to life after it.

Biggie Veggie – Fantastic 4’s Cosmic Radiation Technology

Just as fast-four’s characters were exposed to cosmic radiations for powers similarly china gave vegetable seeds to International Space Station. And the Pumpkins grew HUGE!

Laser Glasses – Cyclops in X-Men

This really cool gadget is inspired by X-Men’s Cyclops which you can wear to shoot cool laser light right out of your eyes.

3D printers – Star Trekk Replicator

Remember items appearing out of thin air? They are not as flashy as them but can make jewelry, replacement body parts and yes, food too.

Indoor skydiving – Ender’s Game Antigravity Room


Google Glasses – Star Trekk Virtual Display Device

Evil Dominion:  with this headset I monitor everything happening outside my ship by just tilting my head as if I have a screen in my brain.

Google Glasses: same,

Scando Scout – Star Trekk Medical Tricorder

This smartphone accessory is the exact doppelganger of Star Trekk’s medical tricorder; instantly recognizes every disease.

Lunar Module – From Earth to the Moon Splashdown Capsules

Jules Verne wrote about a projectile that carried humans to the moon in his 1865 book, From Earth to the Moon. The first crew capsule was inspired by this concept.

Star Trekk PADD – iPad

Here comes your Personal Access Display Device with more kitties, of course.


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