The new innovation in technology and health world is your answer to the question, ‘Is future near yet?’

All this time when people were creating a fuss about Electric-cars, electric-bikes and all, the scientist from the University of Colorado Boulder were creating mind-blowing electric innovation.

A fully-recyclable electronic-skin, also called e-skin is bringing future near to you.

Electronic skin, known as e-skin, is a thin, translucent material that can mimic the function and mechanical properties of human skin.

This skin is very much similar to human skin and aspires to function like one as well.

The e-skin is a thin, semi-transparent material that can act like your skin through measuring temperature, pressure, humidity and air flow.

For now, the electronic skin is considered beneficial for robots and other biomedical devices as it makes better prosthetics and the high safety of robots.

The makers believe this innovation has ‘broad applications’.

Jianliang Xiao; the mechanical engineer at Boulder, who led this study says that “What is unique here is that the chemical bonding of polyimine we use allows the e-skin to be both self-healing and fully recyclable at room temperature.”

The recycling process of e-skin:

According to Science daily, to recycle the skin, the device is soaked into recycling solution, making the polymers degrade into oligomers (polymers with polymerization degree usually below 10) and monomers (small molecules that can be joined together into polymers) that are soluble in ethanol. The silver nanoparticles sink to the bottom of the solution.

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