Alzheimer is a disease which causes people to lose their memory, mostly who are in the age of 60 and onward. But this is not all, by them time they reach on further stages of Alzheimer’s, they start losing their sense of time, place and recognition of a person.

The real tragedy is that there are hardly any authentic and specific medications to treat the diseases as it is considered as the inevitable symptoms of old age. But recently, researchers found a way to deal with the condition, that is deep stimulation through a pace maker. Three patients were fitted with the device, which fires electric pulses into surrounding cells, as part of the ground-breaking trial.

Note that the device can not completely destroy the traces of the dieses from the brain but it slow down the pace to a great extent. However, the treatment is effective for the initial stages of Alzheimer’s

But this progression has definitely a great hope for the future ahead, as we might soon witness some other breakthrough for the treatment of this cruel disease.


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