Scotland is planning to discontinue cars of petrol and diesel 8 years prior to UK


Scotland is aiming to phase out diesel and petrol cars in 2032, 8 years prior to UK.

“Our aim is for new petrol and diesel cars and vans to be phased out in Scotland by 2032,” Ms Sturgeon said.

Nicola Sturgeon revealed that the government is planning to expand charging points so people will find it more feasible to switch to electric vehicles.

The reason for phasing out petrol and diesel cars is to make the environment clean from all different types of smoke that are contaminating the environment.

Jesse Norman, the parliamentary under-secretary at the Department for Transport, confirmed the government’s plans.

“The Government has a manifesto commitment for almost all cars and vans on our roads to be zero emission by 2050. We believe this would necessitate all new cars and van being zero emission vehicles by 2040,” Mr Norman said in a written answer to the Commons.

This all started when the London Mayor, outlined plans for discontinuing petrol and diesel cars by 2050, with the “zero emission zone” by 2025.

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