If your childhood was in the late 90s, then you must have a lot of memories attached to classical black SEGA console. From jaunty hedgehog Sonic to deadly wars of Golden Axe, this console has given our childhood soo much to cheer about.



Sega has decided to step in Android and iPhone platforms with some of it’s most sensational and evergreen videogames.

In the recent announcement, Sega has decided to follow a string of vintage video games that have become available in smartphone app stores. Final Fantasy, Street Fighter and Mega Man are some of the games available in app stores in contrast to their classic original release. However, other classic games like Super Mario have gotten their modern version for iPhone.

Sega plans to keep mobile versions of its games as close to the classic versions as possible. The service they call ‘Sega Forever’ will contain the game collection spanning over the whole era of Sega, from the Master System of the mid-1980s to the Dreamcast of the late-1990s. The first batch will have five games from the Megadrive and Genesis consoles. These selections include Sonic the Hedgehog along with Altered Beast, Comix Zone, Kid Chameleon and phantasy star II.

The recreations will be free to download for smartphone users, but you have to bear the advertising. However, you can get rid of advertises by purchasing ad-free version by paying $2. The games will also feature online leaderboards along with offline play option.

This activity is a fun approach to offer a wave of nostalgia in a rapidly changing 21st-century gaming conditions, and perhaps acquaint more young players with a portion of the titles that their parents played when they were their age. The genuine gamers, most likely still possess the original version of these games and the consoles that they run with, however, this fills in as a possibility for the individuals who need to take their retro gaming on-the-go.





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