Sesame Street starts an anti-bullying Autism campaign!

We all have grown up watching Sesame Street and loved it as much as kids of today’s generation do.

Learning and having fun with the iconic Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and Grover, what more could go wrong?

But, Sesame Street has brought us a surprise this time, something we were all waiting for after they took a step towards Autism last year.

The latest news is that Sesame Street has started a campaign with Kickstarter, that will be launching a book over Autism for the children. This step was being expected after Sesame Street introduced a new little muppet Julia on their show.


Want to know what’s special about Julia? Julia is a small muppet who is loved from kids all over the world, but guess what? Julia has Autism! Julia became a hit on the show after Sesame Street introduced her on the 2nd of April, the World Autism Awareness Day. the reason for doing this was obvious. They wanted to eliminate Autism as being a stigma from all around the world.

Julia became the first character that was thoughtfully introduced by our favorite show to make all the kids with different neuro problems feel comfortable in their own skin.

So, in order to expand their work towards the children of Autism and to create awareness, Sesame Street decided to partner up with Kickstarter to start a funding campaign for these children in order to prevent bullying of the Autistic kids.

The Kickstarter needs to raise $75,000 dollars till 11th of May, that is exactly 30 days from now to start their work on this anti-bullying project for the kids.

Julia’s appearance in the television created a hype all over the news channels, as well as the social media. Kickstarter and Sesame Street wants the same with the funding campaign. Hence, your help is much needed.

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