Living holistically is the best lifestyle change you can make. Why? Because eating naturally is optimal for your body and mind. Even though we live in a modern world, our bodies haven’t changed since ancient times. Our bodies are meant to live off plant-based nutrients like Himalayan shilajit — not eat all these genetically modified Franken-foods filled with chemicals. Being mindful of what you eat is important for you to thrive. If you’re looking for guidance here, you’ve already made a step in the right direction.

What Do You Know About Ayurvedic Medicine?

If you’ve read articles about natural medicine and healthy living, you may already know what Ayurveda medicine can do for you. If not, that’s okay! This article will shine a light on how this ancient practice can help you be the best version of yourself. So what is Ayurveda? It’s actually one of the world’s oldest wellness programs developed in India 3,000 years ago. The main synopsis is this: it’s about keeping your mind, body, and spirit in harmony. To do this, Ayurveda focuses on the diet to maintain that balance. It focuses on different types of superfoods and herbs like shilajit.

Shilajit: What Does It Do?
If you’re skeptical, you might ask yourself, “Why is Himalayan shilajit even good for?” This unique substance, found in the Himalayan mountains and other high altitude regions, plays an important role in our body because it contains many beneficial compounds. First, it contains an important organic compound and antioxidant called Fulvic Acid. This organic compound plays a critical role in our body and works as an anti-inflammatory, an immune booster, and is anti-bacterial. It is also known to remove toxic heavy metals like lead and mercury which is found in fish and the air.

Second, it’s also rich in other vitamins and minerals critical for the body. Shilajit contains Vitamin A, B, C, Terpenoids, Polyphenol Complexes, and Phospholipids. It also contains vital minerals like Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, and Manganese. These vitamins and minerals serve important bodily functions which include red cell production, bone health, metabolism, collagen production, immune system, eye health and more.

Shilajit comes in a variety of forms — from liquid to powders — and even from various places. Shilajit is tested for purity by third-party testers to make sure it’s toxin-free before distribution.

In What Ways Can Shilajit Improve Your Life?

Do you suffer from fatigue and low energy? If you do, shilajit can help. The nutrients in shilajit energize your neurological system which allows you to concentrate better and have more energy. According to a study done with rats, when given a shilajit derivative, it helped attenuate the effects of diabetes. Managing your blood sugar level is important for your overall energy. This is why people who often eat unhealthy get sugar crashes. Too much sugar in your body overwhelms the system and makes you sleepy. It’s also known to help with chronic fatigue syndrome. In another study conducted to see the effects of shilajit on the brain, scientist found that it may even help decrease your risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

Strengthens Bones and Joints
Do you need relief from osteoporosis? Shilajit is exactly what you need. Genetic factors and unhealthy habits like alcohol abuse, poor diet, and lack of exercise can cause bones to absorb less calcium. When you lose a significant amount of calcium and potassium from your bones, they can become weak and brittle making you more prone to injury. This can snowball into more health problems as you get older. Shilajit can counteract these issues by helping your body absorb vital nutrients that promote bone growth and maintain bone density. Since shilajit contains fulvic acid — a critical antioxidant — it also helps manage pain caused by inflammation. According to a study, it may slow down the process of osteoporosis and even improve symptoms.

Improves Sex Drive
Do you need something natural to boost your sex drive? A lower sex drive can be a sign of blood pressure problems and poor vascular health. To improve your sexual health, you need to eat healthily and get the right nutrients. Thankfully, shilajit has numerous trace minerals that can help maintain blood pressure and vascular health which can help reverse low libido in both men and women. Studies also show that shilajit can help you lose weight, increase male testosterone, and improve male fertility.
Improves Heart Health
Do you have heart problems, suffer from anemia, or are over 65? If you want to stave off heart disease or cardiovascular problems, Shilajit is a good supplement that helps maintain your heart and muscles. Shilajit contains Vitamin B12, Potassium and Vitamin E which help reduce your risk of developing heart disease. If you suffer from anemia, shilajit also contains Iron which helps combat anemia by increasing blood levels. Since shilajit can affect your blood pressure and interact with some medications, check with your doctor if shilajit is right for you.

It Reinvigorates Skin
Do you want a natural remedy for great looking skin? Well, look no further. Shilajit( contains copper which increases collagen production. Without collagen, your skin will begin to sag and wrinkle. And since it also contains Fulvic Acid, an antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory, it also fights off natural signs of aging.
You’ll Live Longer and Thrive
Since Shilajit invigorates your immune system, lowers your risk in developing cancer, and slows aging, it can help you live a healthy, happy, and long life. One study showed that Shilajit aided in the destruction of cancerous cells in the liver.
What Is the Difference Between Organic Minerals and Synthetic Minerals?
The Pros and Cons of Modern Medicine
Pharmaceutical drugs are far more expensive and contain more side effects than plant-derived supplements. Taking care of your body can help you ween off and even avoid these expensive medications. Although pharmaceutical drugs are necessary for many life-threatening conditions, they are usually the last resort. If you take care of yourself, your chances of developing a chronic health condition drop significantly. Remember, preventative care is always cheaper than hospital care.
Why Are Synthetic Minerals Bad?
Do you ever think about what it takes to make a vitamin or supplement? Many companies may use natural ingredients but they may still use synthetically derived compounds. Although vitamins have their place, getting nutrients from food sources is proven to be better according to scientific studies. Why? Because you get the vitamin as nature intended. If you do go on this holistic journey, research and find out if this supplement is right for you. Remember to talk with your doctor when you start any supplement routine.
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