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Snapchat has seen participating in the merchandise game superficially in the past introducing backpacks, branded towels, and the infamous dancing hot dog.

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But now the snapping company is taking the game seriously on high-levels by setting up a full flesh merchandise store in the app.

The Snap Store, accessible in the discover tab of the app, is now going to be a party hub for Snapchat freaks. This store features a hot collection of few snap-themed items like a fire emoji Snap streak hat ($29.99), a “Bring back best friends” sweatshirt ($49.99), a Winkface sweatshirt ($49.99), dog lens tee ($29.99), and a plush version of the dancing hot dog ($19.99, with flexible arms and a removable bun). The launch of the store was due on October 21st last year, according to The Verge, but it happened to release now.

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As the store page declares, the items will disappear from the store without any warning. So if there is something on your list from the currently available batch, try to grab it soon, as it may vanish without any prior information. However, the next batch of products is set to be dropped today.


So, are you still snapping or getting some plushies too?

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