India, Uttar Pradesh: The act of un-professionalism caused HIV in at least 33 people.

A screening camp was organized by the government of India, which lacked professionalism and responsibility, causing deathly infection in citizens.

The unqualified practitioner used only ONE syringe to treat a large number of patients suffering from cold and flu.

The 33 people confirmed with HIV were among 566 people who were tested at a screening camp organized by the government, health officials told Reuters.

This is definitely not the first time that unqualified medical practitioners made to the headlines:

Unqualified medical practitioners in India are routinely arrested for posing as doctors – a shortage of official doctors leads many to seek out these so-called “quacks”. Around 45% of medical practitioners in India are not formally trained, according to the Indian Medical Association.

India has seen a 50% decline in the number of new HIV infections over the last decade, according to a UN report, which also said that the most persistent source is mother-to-child transmission.

Even in Pakistan, patients have encountered sheer irresponsible behaviour coming from medical students and professionals that is a serious threat to their lives. Due to lack of check and balance authorities, the citizens might fear to go to these government-based screening camps as well.

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