If you are obsessed with Siri, the there’s a good news for you: Apple’s virtual assistant seems like it will be moving a step further, thanks to the combination of iOS 11 and the upcoming iPhone.

For the very first time, Siri will sync across devices, allowing details it has picked up from your phone transforms how it responds on your iPad or computer. The service is also seeing a small refocus: Siri isn’t just a virtual voice assistant any longer since “Siri” will also be able to recommend topics in Apple News based on your web browsing data or recommend a calendar event if you make a booking online.

It’ll also be capable of translating for the first time, from English (only) to five languages including French and Chinese.

Obviously, with all these latest features, the sharp-eyed may have noticed an issue: the X iPhone won’t be having a home button. The home button is the only way to use Siri. What’s the solution?

Developer Guilherme Rambo proposes one possibility using the power button to talk to Siri. This isn’t the first time power button is playing a role: it has also been used to control the camera as well. Will this work? We”, you have to wait until Sept. 12, the company’s official launch event.


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