Siri is now open to new kinds of apps!


Apple is expected to announce plans about its Siri voice assistant next week. Apple is opening Siri to a wider range of apps as the technology company is competing with Inc’s Alexa service.

Be that as it may, the California company is probably going to adhere to its strategy for concentrating on a little measure of elements and attempting to upgrade them, instead of giving a role as wide a net as could reasonably be expected, as indicated by engineers and artificial intelligence industry insiders.

Right now Siri is compatible with six types of app: ride-hailing and sharing; messaging and calling; photo search; payments; fitness; and auto infotainment systems.  At the company’s annual developer conference next week, it is expected to add to those categories.

It is also expected that Apple will announce hardware similar to amazon echo device for the home. If siri is upraded to a new level, it’ll be different from the Amazon’s Alexa that can handle 12000 or more tasks.

The two tech rivals are making their way to the top. Apple is betting that customers will not use voice commands without an experience similar to speaking with a human, and so it is limiting what Siri can do in order to make sure it works well.

On the other hand, Alexa is wagering that the voice assistant with the most apps on its Echo assistant devices, will gain a loyal following, even if it sometimes doesn’t function properly.

Virtual assistants that respond to voice commands become a priority for the tech giants in order to keep their customers engage and earn more money from shopping and online services.

Lets see what new kinds of app Siri is open in its conference next week.

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