Unfortunately, Pakistan makes it to the list of three countries that have endemic polio, a virus that can cause paralysis or even death in many cases. It is sad to see how this once prevalent disease which is now almost nonexistent to some parts of the world, still largely exists in Pakistan.

The government of Pakistan has always taken mandatory steps to eradicate the roots of polio from its soil. Under the instructions of commissioner of Karachi, Ejaz Ahmed Khan, the members of Task Force have initiated a 6 day anti polio drive in Karachi which is going to administer about 2.2 million children in 188 union councils.

The team responsible for this campaign includes about 9000 frontline workers and supervisors who will make sure they give polio drops to all the children in the city of lights, Karachi. The management is set to successfully erase this life taking epidemic disease and free Karachi of the poliovirus. Though, this initiative can only be successful if the parents too, anxiously take part in it by coming forward to vaccinate their children.

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