Cybercrimes aren’t new to Pakistan. According to the first annual report of Cyber Harassment Helpline in Pakistan, ‘79% of women in Pakistan have regular access to the Internet, only 28% know about the laws that exist to protect them against cyber-bullies’ says the report. The alarming statics became breaking news in 2017 when the report declared Lahore as the city with the highest rate of cybercrime cases in Pakistan.

Undoubtedly, the common victims of cybercrimes are women in Pakistan. A few years back, women weren’t educated enough on how to deal if such situation occurs. But from last year, institutions fighting against cybercrime, like National Response Centre for Cyber Crime and Federal Investigation Agency, are such agencies working in Pakistan to aware and educate Pakistanis about this leading crime.

Still, sinful will do sins no matter how many barriers you build for them. But luckily, another sinister got what he deserved on Friday. A magistrate in Lahore announced punishment for a social media offender who harassed a woman online.

The convict was arrested in 2017, and was now punished by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Special Magistrate Imtiaz Ali under Sections 20 (offences against dignity), 21 (offences against modesty) and 24 (cyberstalking) of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) 2016.

The convict- Usman Bin Masood- was arrested last year for committing cyber offences which include digitally manipulating the victim’s photos, and subsequently harassing and blackmailing her on social media, According to report published in Dawn.

Not only does the offender will spend six years in jail, he has been ordered to pay 1 million rupees in compensation with the victim.

The victim is the wife of an air force officer, who filed a complaint against Masood after he threatened to share his wife’s doctored photos on Facebook.

We believe that this decision was much needed as it will somehow impact minds of evil doers involved in promoting online extremism.

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