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The newest Android mobile spyware is the most technically sound and powerful virus to ever infect the smartphone industry which was discovered by Kaspersky, a Russian security firm. Skygofree, which is named after the domain where it was found, can record audio and go through your personal Whatsapp messages.

Skygofree has been present on the deep corners of the Android system since 2014 but was only noticed by Kaspersky in late 2017. A testament to the genius and mere power of this mobile spyware which was only spotted by a top cybersecurity firm years later. The spyware is disguised as a through fake mobile carrier websites, being shown as a software update that can boost net speed.

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Skygofree seems to be created and operational in Italy, where almost all of its targets originate. Kaspersky claims that the spyware’s origin stem put from a local Italian surveillance solution IT company.

Skygofree can connect itself to Wi-Fi networks run by hackers, even disabled ones. This dangerous capability puts passwords and delicate personal information on the risk of both corruption and leakage. The world’s most vile mobile spyware can also track your phones GPS location and penetrate your microphone to record audio.

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