Skype is a telecommunications application software product that specializes in providing video chat and voice calls between computers, tablets, mobile devices, the Xbox One console, and smartwatches with the Internet.

We have all used skype, presently using it, or have heard about it. Skype is one of the most cardinal practical application to connect with people.

Live Captioning and Subtitles

It is back with something exceptional. Skype is now introducing live captioning and subtitles. This is a great feature which will and help people with disabilities get a sterling experience as well.

Live captions and subtitles will auto-scroll during a call, the user can scroll through them in a side window to read them as well if the user does not want words overlaid on their call. A simple option will help you in activating the subtitles for one call or keep them on for all your calls. The subtitles are optimized to be fast, steady and continuous to match the call and make the experience sublime.

Translations Of Over 20 Languages

And that is not all. Skype will soon introduce translations that support over 20 languages and dialects. Whether you are learning a new language, or in a meeting where the other person is speaking a different language, the new translations will help you keep up to the speed.

All these new features are splendid to read about and seem very exciting. Let’s hope that they turn out to be as thrilling and useful as well.

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