Uncertain future?

Famous brands like Apple and Samsung keep dropping the latest technology, with marvellous features and better performance every day, the smartphone sales still have flattened with the most major markets largely saturated.

Smartphones face a very uncertain future as the year 2018 marks the beginning of the end of traditional smartphones. A new era will take place, which will be a transition to a new era of computing and connected devices based on voice, gesture and touch.

Amy Webb states that:

“The transition from smartphones to smart wearables and invisible interfaces — earbuds that have biometric sensors and speakers; rings and bracelets that sense motion; smart glasses that record and display information — will forever change how we experience the physical world”

Some analysts believe that smartphones still have a very bright future and they still have many years to go before the downfall starts. And also that it has a very high growth rate in the years to come.

As smartphones are getting more and more expensive day by day, people are holding on to their phones longer.

“Foldable phones” are the latest invention in this industry and we might be seeing a lot of them in the coming year.

It is still unclear if the smartphones have a bright future or not. The kind of device the consumers will be attracted to, but it is explicit that at the end of the day is it going to look a lot like a smartphone.



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