Since the last few years, smartphones have started causing a widespread strain injury thats becoming more and more common as people continue to slouch over their devices. Even though muscle and bone pain increases with age, here we’re seeing the rise in much younger patients who never complained of any such pain before.

One thing important to understand is that it’s not just texting, it’s emailing, it’s scrolling through different feeds, it’s all hours you spend on your phone trying to stay connected in a high tech world. A study found that bending your head forward to look at your smartphone held in your hand causes up to 60 pounds pressure on your neck. Since the weight on your head multiplies by every inch you tilt your neck forward, your neck faces multiple times the pressure that it’s used to, causing repetitive strains.

However it’s not just the younger generation, the total smartphone usage has increased by about 14x from 2010 to 2015.

So what is a smartphone-addicted, laptop-obsessed, iPad-fixated person to do?

Straighten up, arch your back and look forward. 

You need to learn proper posture and align your neck. To understand that correctly, you need to be able to draw an imaginary vertical line from your ear to your shoulder. If it’s not vertical, you need to correct your posture by extending your shoulders. You need to focus on pulling your shoulders back under your ears by pulling your shoulders back. Lastly it is important to bring your device to eye level to achieve consistent proper posture.


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