The new snap map “Actionmoji” feature is introduced specifically for the Solar Eclipse.


In a recent news, Snapchat spent $213 million to buy Zenly, an app that allows you to know what your friends and family are up to.

With Zenly, it launched a new feature on Snapchat known as the snap map that shows you your Snapchat friends on a map of the world. The bitmoji avatar displaying on a map indicates where your friends are at that moment.

Since there’s going to be a solar eclipse on Monday, Snapchat decided to do something different about it. It has created an “Actionmoji” first time ever specifically for the moving event. The bitmoji avatars will be wearing solar glasses, looking at the sky.

It is also being said that users will be able to see videos related to the event on the map. Plus, Snapchat editors will also make “our story” that will show you videos by NASA and the Department of Interior.

Just like Snapchat is brainstorming to come up with exciting features for the moving event like this one, it will definitely succeed in bringing upgraded features for sponsored events like sports and concerts.

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