Business Insider cited sources on the inside of Evan Spiegel’s company who called the potential deal an “open secret.” Google didn’t comment, and Snapchat insists that formal discussions never happened.

Obviously, the deal didn’t go through — it may have never gone past the euphemistical drawing board, but what if it had? What would Snapchat look like now?

I imagine Snapchat would have been folded into Google’s suite of tools. I could imagine seeing it being Google Plus’s answer to Facebook Messenger — even more so now that every messaging app and its mother is trying to impersonate Snapchat. Spectacles might look more like Google Glass, and perhaps the app would have even more original sponsored content.

Still, many of the things we take for granted about Snapchat now — such as Memories, Spectacles, and a lot of its original content — came about after the reported deal would have happened. Everything we presently know about Snapchat could have been changed to accommodate Google’s engineers.

I can’t say I want to live in the future where Spiegel negotiated that deal with Google — but I surely want to see what it would have looked like.

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