Snapchat app is back once again with a new update in its existing feature.

The Snapchat app announced a new update in its Snap Map feature yesterday, known as ‘Map Explore’. From minor reliability and speed updates from time to time, this is the first major update in the Snap Map feature since its launch in June 2017.


This map-based feature will now let you explore through your Snap Map in an efficient way and will let you see the Bitmojis of your friends and where they are travelling. Keeping in mind that these statuses will be generated by the movements of your friends rather than them typing it on their own, you can always stalk them or know whether all your friends have gone to party without you or not.

Also, keep this in mind that this feature will only be available if the person opts for it. That means, you will only be able to see that friend on your Snap Map who has enabled this feature.

While introducing this new feature, Snapchat said “Because we noticed that when you open the Map, you aren’t always sure where to start your journey.” 

Here is how you can access the Snap Map:

To access this map feature, pinch on the screen of the app just like you do it when you try to zoom out on your camera. Then, you will see the Snap Map along with the Map Explore updates at the bottom.

You can always disable this feature if you think that it will invade your privacy. You can go to the settings and enable the Ghost mode which will let only you see your location and not the public.

The Snapchat app has enabled this feature in only some specific countries at the moment. So, to know whether it is available in your country or not, update your app and then give Snap Map a go!

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